Technical Committee for Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives (CELL)

The Technical Committee Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives (TC CELL) sees itself as an important link between university research, application-oriented research institutes and industry, especially (but not exclusively) in the fields of cellulose, cellulose transformation and chemical derivatization of cellulose as well as other polysaccharides. Technically, the technical committee deals with the following aspects, among others:

  • Cellulose, pulps and lignocellulosic biomass.
  • Hemicellulose and other native polysaccharides
  • Cellulose fibers and moldings, polysaccharide-based biomaterials
  • Cellulose derivatives and other chemically functionalized polysaccharides
  • Modern analytical methods for characterization of polysaccharides and polysaccharide-based materials
  • Current research aspects and regulations in the previously mentioned topics (e.g. sustainability, biodegradability, circular bioeconomy)

The technical committee has set itself the task of promoting the scientific exchange between the members of the TC CELL (and beyond that in ZELLCHEMING e.V.) in the above-mentioned subject areas in a sustainable manner. The goals are, among others, the promotion of young scientists in industry and research, the transfer of knowledge with a view to a broad connectivity of scientific research results as well as the identification of highly topical R&D trends.

Head of the technical committee:

Dr. Marcus JanuraKelheim Fibres  GmbHRegensburger Str. 109D-93309 Kelheim Germany

Phone: +49 (9441) 99602
Fax: +49 (9441) 991602