Technical Committee for Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives (CELL)


This technical committee deals with:

  • the evaluation of chemical pulp for chemical processing as well as the specification of quality criteria,especially with regard to viscose, cellulose ethers and esters;
  • Chemical and physical testing and characterisation methods for cellulose and cellulose derivatives;
  • The planning and organisation of the Cellulose-Chemiker-Rundgespräch [round-table discussion for cellulose chemists].

It works in close cooperation with the technical committees for:

  • Chemical Pulping and
  • Pulp and Paper Testing.

A subcommittee lead by Prof. Dr. Bodo Saake (Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute of Wood Research, Hamburg) deals with the viscometric determination of the molar mass and the degree of polymerization of cellulose.

Head of the technical committee:

Dr. Marcus JanuraKelheim Fibres  GmbHRegensburger Str. 109D-93309 Kelheim Germany

Phone: +49 (9441) 99602
Fax: +49 (9441) 991602