General topics of the „Cellulose Chemist Round Table Discussion" (now Cellulose Symposium)

2016: Lignin and hemicelluloses
2015: Innovative cellulose-based materials
2014: Cellulose- und polysaccharide chemistry
2013: Lignin-Hemicelluloses
2012: Cellulose: new starting materials and products
2011: Derivatization and Analytics of cellulose
2010: Ressource efficiency
2009: Biological aspects of the utilization of lignocellulosic materials
2008: 50th anniversary  „Cellulose Chemist Round Table Discussion“
2007: Structure and properties of cellulose
2006: New cellulose products and composite materials
2005: Hemicelluloses
2004: Analysis of cellulose and cellulose derivatives
2003: Biological and colloid-chemical aspects
2002: Solutions states of selected polysaccharides
2001: New cellulose products and manufacturing processes
2000: Structure, accessibility, and reactivity of cellulose
1999: Methodical progress in instrimental analytics
1998: Molecular and supramolecular structures of cellulose
1997: Cellulose: a sustainable chemical raw material
1996: New aspects of cellulose modification
1995: Interface and colloid chemistry of cellulose
1994: Functional groups in dissolving pulps - Analytics, properties, and impact
1993: New technologies for pulps and cellulose products
1992: Environmental aspects during preparation, processing, and application of dissolving pulps
1991: Cellulose research in Germany: selected examples
1990: Cellulose: Structure, accessibilitay, reactivity
1989: Current aspects of cellulose research
1988: Cellulose and cellulose derivatives in solution
1987: Analytical methods for characterisation of pulps, cellulose, and cellulose derivatives
1986: Degradation reactions of cellulose
1985: Cellulose as polymeric raw material
1984: Swelling and activation of cellulose
1983: Hemicelluloses
1982: Current analyrical methods for the characterization of cellulose and cellulose derivatives
1981: Cellulose derivatives
1980: Structure and reactivity of cellulose
1979: Cellulose solutions: Solvents, structures in solution, and technological consequences
1978: Microbiological aspects of cellulose chemistry as well as pulp- and paper technology
1977: Analytical problems of pulp industry
1976: New applications of cellulose products
1975: Interfaces and zeta-potential
1974: Cellulose and cellulose derivatives in solution
1973: Chemistry of wood pulping
1972: Nonwovens
1971: Analysis of cellulose
1970: Cellulose reactions
1969: Relationship between structure and technical properties cellulose-based products
1968: Formation and structure of native cellulose
1967: Structures in fibrous and laminar shaped products of cellulose industry
1966: Solution state in diluted, concentrated, and technical cellulose solutions
1965: Analysis of cellulose and pulps
1964: Reactions of cellulose in particular during technical processes
1963: Formation of cellulose and their structure in native fibers
1962: Structure of cellulose in fibrous ans laminar precipitation products
1961: Solution state in diluted, concentrated, and technical cellulose solutions
1960: Reactions of cellulose in particular during technical processes
1959: fine structure of cellulose
1958: Current questions on analysis of cellulose containing materials