Technical Committee for Coating of Paper and Board (COAT)


This technical committee deals with the following fields:

  • Study of the influences of the base paper, the coating recipe and the coating method on the quality levels and finishes achieved, on print defects and the printability of coated printing papers and board.
  • Process characteristics, technical and chemical technology of the film press or similar and new application devices.
  • Process characteristics, technical and chemical technology of coating facilities within or outside of paper and board machines, and the coating colours applied by them as well as drying and calendering in the paper machine and/or the following coating machine.
  • Influence of rewinding, remoistening and conditioning.
  • Calendering process and technology (super calender, gloss calender, embossing calender, soft compact calender, their technical design and possibilities of variations, as well as their effect on coated papers and coated board).
  • New tests and newly developed testing equipment.
  • Printing processes and their requirements with regard to the different paper and board qualities.
  • Tests: base paper, coating colour, coated paper, coated board.

There is a close working relationship with the Technical Committees:

  • for Paper Making
  • for Pulp and Paper Testing
  • for Finished Packaging Papers

Head of the technical committee
Dr. Knut Hornig

Deputy chairman: Thomas Kraschitzer, Bruck o.d. Mur (A)
Secretary: Sylvain Andre, Perlen