Technical Committee for Mechanical Pulping (MECP)

 This technical committee sees itself as an international platform for the further development of the primary fibrous material mechanical pulp. It deals with questions of raw material demand and all technical-technological questions of the mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulping of wood thinnings and industrial residual wood by means of any mechanical pulp production methods (incl. minimising energy consumption during defibration), the optimisation of screening technology and bleaching of mechanical pulp as well as the optimum use of mechanical pulp in the production of different types of paper and cardboard.

This technical committee comprises the working group “online measuring method” that cooperates with working groups of other technical committees.

This technical committee works in especially close cooperation with the technical committees for

  • Paper Making (PMAK)
  • Pulp and Paper Testing (TEST)
  • Plant Engineering and Energy (ENEN)
  • Environmental Issues (ENVI)
  • Recovered Paper Utilisation (RECO)