Technical Committee for Paper Making (PMAK)


This technical committee deals with paper production from stock preparation through to shipment, with the following areas of focus

  • technical equipment of the production process with machines and plants
  • automation and streamlining of the production process
  • technological combinations and their optimisation
  • new technologies in the production process taking account of the development trends with customers and suppliers
  • in-house logistics

There is a close working relationship with the Technical Committees:

  • for Mechanical Pulping
  • for Plant Engineering and Energy
  • for Environmental Issues
  • for Coating of Paper and Board
  • for Recovered Paper Utilisation

Head of the technical committee

Dr.-Ing. Michael Hunold
Steinbeis Papier GmbH
Stadtstraße 20
D-25348 Glückstadt
Phone +49 (0) 41 24/91 16 29