Technical Committee for Recovered Paper Utilisation (RECO)


This technical committee sees itself as an international platform for the exchange of opinions on the secondary raw material of recovered paper from its collection and processing through to the production of new paper products. It offers a forum which extends far beyond the recovered paper processing industry and considers both the further processing of papers containing recycled fibres (e.g. corrugated board production), the supplying industry (chemicals and machinery manufacturers), the waste disposal industry and the relevant research institutes, colleges and universities as well as associations and interested groups. This technical committee deals with all questions of collecting recovered paper, securing marketable types of recovered paper as well as technical-technological issues of recovered paper processing. Furthermore, the scope of activities of the technical committee comprises legal conditions and political developments relating to every aspect of recovered paper recycling and the utilisation of processed recycled fibres in paper and board.
The technical committee oversees the technical subcommittee for "Recycling Technology" (TECH), which deals with the issues of deinking and tacky contaminants. The "Yield" working group is also currently working on definitions for calculating the yield of recovered paper processing plants.

There is a close working relationship with the following Technical Committees:

  • for Paper Making (PMAK)
  • for Mechanical Pulping (MECP)
  • for Paperboard Technology (PBTC)
  • for Environmental Issues (ENVI)

as well as INGEDE (International Research Association for Deinking Technology), the Technical Committee of the Association for Packing and Corrugated Board Papers (VPW) and INREKA (Association of Interested Parties for Recycling Cardboard).