Companies and universities, take the advantage of the E-books license.


The most comprehensive books ever written on pulp and papermaking are now available as electronic versions! The electronic books of the Papermaking Science and Technology have the exact same content as the printed versions. The eBooks are very easy and convenient to use - both at the office and on the road. You can search the contents of the books to find the information you need. You can also jump from chapter to chapter via the table of contents. If you want to continue reading form where you left off, you can bookmark the page. 

The eBooks are easily reachable from all over the world. All you need is an internet connection and your company's user account details.

Licenses for the eBooks are available for companies and universities now. Here you will find previews of the books and you can get to know the world of eBooks.

eBook License Pricing

The price of the eBook license is based on the duration of the license, and, in case of companies, on the turnover and, in case of universities, on the number of potential users. Below is a table of company and university categorization and a price list on whole set of book series as well as on single books. The eBooks are intended for internal distribution of a company or university, e.g. via the company's intranet or university's library. In addition to the book license, the licensee will get a number of printed copies of the ordered books with 3 and 5 year licenses.

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